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Paper Testing Equipment for Filter Media Pore Size , Air Pressure 0 - 20kpa


1.  It executes ISO2942 and ISO4003 standards. One side of filter media is infiltrated by test liquid and submerged according to the specified height.

2.  The other side is micro-pressurized by dry air. When the air current passes through the filter layer and the pressure is larger than the other face, the bubble will overflow.

3.  The first bubble is the maximum pore size of filter media, and the group of bubbles is general pore size. 

4.  The pore size of filter media can be calculated according to the micro-pressure value of bubbling.



Air Pressure0-20kpa
Pressure Speed2-2.5kpa/min
Pressure Value Accuracy±1%
Pressure Resolution0.01kPa
Azimuth Resolution0.01μm
The specimen thickness0.10-3.5mm
Test Area10±0.2cm²
The clamp ring diameterφ35.7±0.5mm
Gas storage bottle volume2.5L
Power220V AC



This tester is designed and manufactured according to industrial standard QB1059 to test the thickness of corrugation filter paper. The sample is placed between two parallel planes. The value measured under specified area and pressure is the thickness of corrugation filter paper