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AG-461E Digital Air Permeability Tester

1. Applications:

It is used to detect air permeability property of textiles, non-woven, industrial filter cloth (paper), microporous membrane, polyester mesh, sponge foam, non-woven fabrics, coated fabrics and other breathable leather, plastics and other chemical products.


 2. Standards:

ISO 9237, ASTM D737, ASTM D3574, ISO4638, GB/T10655, ISO 5636-5, BS 5636, DIN 53887, EN ISO 9237, WSP 70.1, ASTM D 3574, EN ISO 7231, JIS L 1096-A, TAPPI T 251, WSP 70.1


3. Features

1. Full test scale, automatic detection permeability tests of various specimens.

2. Mirco-computer automatic control, fast test within 30s.

3. Program supported language:  English LCD display and English software.

4. Data port: RS232 printout interface and computer controlled interface.

5. Adopt imported pressure sensor, to ensure accuracy of the data collected.

6. Units of measure: mm/s, L//s, ft3/ft2/min, cm3/cm2/s, m3/m2/min, m3/m2/h, Pa (pressure drop).

7. Computer control software, real-time display test curve and statistical analysis data, calculate maximum, minimum, average and CV value.

7. Can be locked using universal pulley, easy to move.

8. Use a retractable working bench, to facilitate the work, does not occupy space.


4. Technical parameters:



Display mode

English Large   screen operation

Air permeability   range

0.2 - 12826mm/s

Test accuracy

better than ± 2%   of displayed value

Test pressure


Test Area / test   head

5 cm2, 20 cm2,   950px2, 50 cm2 and 100 cm2

Nozzle number

11 pieces

Diameter of   nozzle

¢0.8 ¢1.2 ¢2 ¢3 ¢4 ¢6 ¢8 ¢10 ¢12 ¢16 ¢20


AC220V ± 10%   50Hz/60Hz




About 110Kg

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