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Jiangsu AQX Filter Machine Co.,Ltd is the member unit of China Auto Parts Equipment Industry Association.It is a group with strong innovative ability and the inteligence of grashping the business opportunity.With its enterprising enthusianserm and the brand new conception.it is stands out in such a changeable and economy globalization world.


Services and commitments:

First,the delivery and transportation services
Our filter machine requirements in domestic supply of equipment,packaging,arrange transportation,car factory direct shipped to the demand side (the site).Our equipment required in the preparation of the demand side,after 7 days in advance before shipment notification by fax in the form of demand-side,demand side,the relevant provisions of the contract shall be for payment procedures.Our demand-side bank transfer receipt of fax,you can be shipped to the designated facility (site).

Second,installation,commissioning,commissioning and inspection services
My company sent free of charge to the demand side,commissioning,training of operators and maintenance personnel.If conditions permit,arrangements need to be understood the two have a certain quality of the mechanical principles,and in the mechanic for maintenance personnel to our training,we will provide free board and lodging and technical guidance.

Third,after-sales service
We solemnly promise: one year warranty and lifetime service.If the product fails during use,the telephone,fax and E-mail and other means can not be solved,I will send professional and technical personnel in the province in 48 hours,arrive at the scene within 72 hours outside the province to be resolved (except for force majeure ),allowing users to reduce the losses to a minimum.
★ Service: always be true for you,the sea created on the side.★

Fourth,maintenance services
Strong technical services team to meet customer's various emergency maintenance,for many years a vast inventory of all types of spare parts,spare parts to meet customer need.

Five,life-long service
Product warranty period is over,the provision of equipment for the life of your services,and to provide the best price of spare parts and timely service.