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Jiangsu AQX Filter Machine Co.Ltd the director member of China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association Filter Branch and the member of China Automobile Manufactures Association Filter Committee,is the complete equipment enterprise specialized in producing filter manufacturing equipment,filter test equipment and molds.
Our company dedicates to the research and development of filter equipment.Our products,widely used in automobile,household appliances,purification,water treatment and hydraulic industry,include the filter manufacturing equipment,the general assembly equipment,the oil,fuel and air filter test stands for testing each filter performance according to international standards,and the phosphorizing,powder spraying and paint spraying production line for product surface treatment.

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Services and commitments:First,the delivery and transportation services Our filter machine requirements in domestic supply of equipment,packaging,arrange transportation,car factory direct shipped to the demand side (the site).Our equipment required in the preparation of the demand side,after 7 days in advance before shipment notification by fax in the form of demand-side,demand side,the relevant provisions of the contract shall be for payment procedures.Our demand-side bank transfer receipt of fax,you can be shipped to the designated facility (site).